Suburban Residential Property Fees include:
  • Initial Consultation 
  • Research 
  • Property Inspection 
  • Report Preparation & Delivery 
  • Post Service Consultation
  Purpose        Under $300,000   $300,000-$500,000  $500,000-$750,000    
 Asset Valuations         $330                 $440                        $550                         
 Pre-Sale/Purchase      $330                 $440                        $550
 ​Stamp Duty                $330                 $440                        $550
 ​Deceased Estates       $440                 $550                        $660
 Matrimonial               $440                 $550                        $660

Valuation of all property assets above $750,000 are by Quotation/Agreement.
 All valuations are subject to our standard Terms of Service given at Quotation.
 Resumptions + Easements by Quotation. Please call to discuss your needs.

 Business, Commercial & Rural Property valuations available by Quotation.
 A quality valuation consultancy service is provided but no mortgage security work
 Fees are generally payable at or prior to the inspection unless otherwise agreed.
 Payment of fees is deemed acceptance of our standard Terms of Service.
 Attendance at Court or Conferences attracts an additional fee of $250/hour.
 Very urgent valuations may incur a premium of 30% above standard fee levels.     
 Retrospective valuations consume more time and will incur a 20% premium.

Community Assistance: Community organizations, seniors and disadvantaged individuals may apply for 'pro rata' assistance subject to current workloads. Please contact us.