When do I need a Valuation ?
- Deceased Estate; Stamp duty; Matrimonial Property Settlement
- Succession Planning; Capital Gains Tax; Resumption
- Buying or Selling a Property, Water Rights or a Small Business

Why use a Registered Valuer ?
- A registered valuer can provide a "Sworn Valuation" recognized at law
- Recommended by the REIQ when buying property
- A registered valuer is considered an Expert Witness by the Courts
- Valuers undertake extensive training and are required to maintain competency

How to prepare for a Valuation ?
- Provide a Rates Notice, any Floor Plans, Business Financial Statements
- Know who the managing agent is for your investment property
- Secure the dog during the inspection

What Training do valuers undertake ?
- Usually a three year full time University Degree course or equivalent studies
Continuing Professional Development activities to maintain competency
Risk Management Training​ to achieve 'Best Practice' operational standards

What does a Property Valuation Report usually include ?
- Purpose; Legal description; Street address; Date of Inspection
- Description of the Land and Improvements; Town Planning details.
- Method of Valuation; Supporting Evidence; Valuation Standards.
- Signed Valuation Amount; Limitations of the report

What does a Business Valuation Report usually include ?
​- Purpose; Interest Valued; Business Overview; Date of Valuation (EOFY/Other)
- Financial Overview - Profit & Loss + Bal Sheet; E.B.I.T.D.A. & Adjustments
- Valuation Standards; Assumptions; Methodology (ROI/Industry/DCF/Assets)
- Signed Valuation Amount; Limitations of the report